Tom Moses - JLT Condor pro cyclist

Midnight or Bust Sportive

Dare you go the extra mile?

Sue Ryder is thrilled to announce our new cycling event sponsored by All Terain Cycles with its exciting new format. Most rides have set distances and success is judged by time. In this ride however it is the distance that you choose that’s the critical factor in your personal challenge.

The format

In the story of Cinderella, Cinders had to return from the Midsummer Ball before the clock struck 12 or everything fell to pieces. In this midsummer night’s ride you and your cycling chums will be out on the roads having a ball of your own.
It is your choice how far along our route you dare continue, in the knowledge that once you have marked the furthest point you get to you have to turn around and come back to the start point by midnight. If you attach your personalised cable tie on a lampost too soon and arrive back well before twelve you’ll wish you’d have gone that extra bit further. But if you bite off more than you can chew and don’t get back by midnight the distance you ride will be denoted on the results sheet with a ‘post midnight pumpkin’ (a no score). People can sign up as individuals or teams of 4 which will make the decision of where to turn around even more interesting.
Will you be the individual or team of four who goes the furthest distance and yet still makes it back by the stroke of midnight?

The two duration options

Riders can choose from whether to take a 4 hour ride or a 2 hour ride. The four-hour ride starts at 8pm and the first 4.8 miles of the 4 hour route has also been chosen to be quite tough to spread out the field. The two-hour ride starts at 10pm and has an easier start than the four hour ride.

The route

The original route has been changed due to feedback and now takes in much quieter roads than previous.  It now takes in the stunning beauty of the Yorkshire Dales, at least until dusk falls.

Safety conditions

Although this ride happens on what is the longest day of the year, the last hour of the ride at least will be in dusk to dark conditions so riders must ensure that they and their bike are properly equipped for this situation. They should look to at least meet the guidelines stated in the highway code. We will have a scrutineer at the start to check riders meet our standards at the start.

The Strava Option

Those who would like to do it but can’t attend on the evening can take part in their own time and .  Entry costs £10 and your turn around position will be entered on the event map and results sheet.  There will however be no marshals, road closures, feed stations or goody bag. Get in touch to find out how you can do this.

As tested by Tom Moses – JLT Condor pro cyclist

To test out the format we asked professional cyclist Tom Mosses to try out our 4 hour ride. Tom made it to Kidstones above Buckden and placed his cable tie.  He then set off back and made it back to the start with 1 minute 28 seconds to spare, a result of 79.53 miles.  Tom loved the event and said, “This is a great format, a great route and a challenge for riders of all abilities.  There is nothing that I know that is like it, that decision of where to turn around and the things you need to consider make it unique.  I’m sure it will be very popular!”

In memory of Frank O’Dwyer

Frank O’Dwyer was a great family man and lifelong keen cyclist. In the build up to Le Grand Depart 2014 his passion and knowledge about the sport led him to be known as Keighley’s ‘Mr Tour de France’.  Frank was also a keen supporter of Sue Ryder Manorlands Hospice and it was his inspiration that helped the hospice raise £30,000 from Le Grand Depart to help fund its vital care. As part of Manorlands Hospice’s legacy plans for the Tour de France we came up with this new ride and Frank was very excited about it.

Unfortunately Frank was diagnosed with cancer in late 2014 and passed away whilst being cared for at Manorlands Hospice on 4 February.  Even in his last weeks Frank still enjoyed discussing this new event with the hospice fundraising team at his bedside.  As a way to pay tribute to Frank and his passion for cycling and Manorlands we have, with the permission of his family, decided to make the new ride in his memory.